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Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons are a very popular choice at the East Kilbride Music School. Such a huge variety in styles such as Electric, Classical, Acoustic, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Folk etc so there really is something for everyone!

Our guitar teachers can provide the knowledge and expertise to let you achieve your goals and they can also offer their wealth of experience from playing within the music industry, both in the studio and live. Some learners may be interested in trying to work through the guitar grades for personal achievement and others may prefer to just learn some songs for fun. Our experienced guitars tutors will adapt your lessons to ensure the best method to suit your needs.

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Piano Lessons

From complete beginners to advanced we structure your lessons specifically to what you are looking to achieve.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a piano at home, many pupils will practice on keyboards to start with and then we can offer advice on purchasing a piano if you decide to go down that route. Many adults wish they had started piano lessons when they were a child. Some adults maybe did play when they were younger, but decided to give it up. Whatever the situation, you’re never too old to start playing piano again or start from scratch for a new challenge. The piano is a great instrument whatever style you decide to play. We offer one to one piano lessons for complete beginners to advanced level and structure the lessons on an individual basis to best suit exactly what you want to get out of the lesson.

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Bass Guitar Lessons

The bass guitar is a stringed instrument designed for playing the lower notes in a piece of music. In a band or ensemble, the bass generally plays an accompaniment to the lead guitar. It can be acoustic, semi-acoustic, or electric. The Bass guitar is a fantastic instrument to learn whatever age you are. We offer various approaches to playing the bass guitar. The first of which is a modern, fun and structured way of learning. We can help you work through the graded syllabus method or we can go down a more relaxed approach to learning. Our fully qualified music teachers will be only too happy to develop a method of learning to suit your every need and musical interest.

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Singing Lessons

Learning to sing is great fun and can have great rewards too. Covering a wide selection of music genres such as Pop, Rock, Ballads, Classical, Jazz, music theatre etc, and our vocal coaches are highly experienced and tailor your lessons to suit what you are looking for. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or you are seeking advanced training we can help you achieve your goals. Adult singing lessons are great fun and very rewarding. Our tutors will put you at your ease especially if you are feeling a bit nervous. It’s not a problem if are a complete beginner, many of our adult pupils have never sung before. We can help you achieve your vocal goals and get you singing the way you want by taking you through a serious of exercises, warm ups and techniques that really make a difference.

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Drum Lessons

We can provide drum lessons for a hobby or for pursuing graded exams through the Rockschool Drum Syllabus. We teach from age 7 upwards and our tutors can provide advice on what kind of drumkit to purchase if you need some guidance. Our Drum lessons are tailored for whatever style you choose. The drum lessons that we offer can be approached in a way that suits your style of learning. Lessons can be relaxed or you can pursue a more structured lesson plan working though a graded system.

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Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons are extremely popular among children, teenagers and adults. This stringed instrument can be easily transported. Our lessons cater for classical, jazz, pop or folk music, Many pupils learn for fun and we can also prepare those who wish to pursue graded exams through ABRSM syllabus. There are a variety of violin sizes for different ages so we can offer advice on this when you are starting. We offer one to one violin lessons for complete beginners to advanced level and structure the lessons on an individual basis to best suit exactly what you want to get out of the lessons. We have spare violins to try at your first few lessons. We will tailor your violin lessons to match your abilities and ambitions and work with you to achieve your musical dreams – whether these are performing in public, passing Grade exams, or just being able to play the violin in your spare time as an enriching hobby.

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Music Lessons

We provide Individual music lessons in a variety of instruments. Lessons last for 30mins although longer lessons can be arranged on request.

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